Teasing a crocodile will let you get a better picture – and you might even survive

Crocodile attacks backpacker in Australia

A backpacker in Australia got the fright of his life when a massive crocodile he was “teasing” suddenly exploded from the water and nearly sank its teeth into him. The 16 foot-long saltwater crocodile came within an arm’s length of inflicting serious damage to the tourist, if not killing him. Novon Mashiah, 27, an Israeli backpacker, spotted the big crocodile during a fishing trip in the Northern Territory…. “I began playing with it for a photo,” Mr Mashiah said. “I was pointing at it when it suddenly jumped up at me – I didn’t realise that crocs were so aggressive.”

Tourist nearly eaten by croc

That’s the best crocodile picture I’ve seen in quite a while. And while in this case stupidity didn’t cause actual pain, I think that the fear probably served the same purpose.

Hopefully he’ll tell everyone he knows (and lots more through this picture) that crocodiles are dangerous and aggressive, and should be left alone.

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