More British Stupidity – Banning Fire Extinguishers

Extinguishers banned in flats

 FIRE extinguishers are being banned from blocks of flats – after they were branded a health and safety RISK.

 The canisters could be dangerous if people use them without training, risk assessors said.

And they could encourage people to stay and tackle a blaze rather than flee.

The Fire Service is backing the ban – which could be brought in across the country under new rules.

Yes, it’s true.  The nanny state has banned fire extinguishers from apartment buildings.  They’d would rather have a small fire grow larger and consume the entire building than a resident take action to protect his own life and property (and that of his neighbors).  My tin-foil hat may be on a bit too tight, but I see Orwellian control with forced helplessness in this.

It is also an unfortunate example (and my first on this blog) of where stupidity is likely to cause pain, just not to the person who made the stupid decision.

In the unfortunate event that an apartment building burns where extinguishers were banned, it is the DUTY the residents of the building and the relatives of the victims to find the people who made the stupid decision and inflict an appropriate amount of pain on them.  If stupid doesn’t hurt, or hurt ENOUGH, how can anyone learn from it?

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  1. Scientologists would never let the fire get out of control.
    We would ask questions and with our E meters do what has to be done…

    Oh sorry this isn’t a scientology thread
    Hail xenu… etc

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