Lock Kids Up So They Don’t Eat Fast Food

Pupils face ‘lock-ins’ to stop junk-food lunches

 Schools have been told to consider “lock-ins” at lunch-time to stop pupils going out and buying junk food during the midday break.

A survey by the School Food Trust, the agency set up by ministers to encourage healthier eating habits among schoolchildren, found secondary schools have an average of 23 junk-food outlets within a mile of the school building.

 By ‘junk-food’ they mean what we in the US call ‘fast-food’.  Even still, if a half a mile is the average distance that the kids have to walk, that means a mile round trip.  If they only get 30 minutes for lunch, and ordering takes time, and eating takes time, they’re probably walking pretty quickly.  That sounds like good exercise to me.  Unless they’re like American schools, where half the senior class drives to school.

Later on in the article, we find the real reason that they are considering this.  Kids that eat off-campus are threatening the profit of the lunch program.  The school lunches have been so bad, that ‘roach coaches’ have been setting up in front of the schools.  Supposedly their cuisine is getting better – after a celebrity chef took up their cause.

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