Honor Code Stolen

UTSA students commit sin they’re trying to halt

It seemed like an honorable goal: Draft an honor code for University of Texas at San Antonio students to follow, exhorting them not to cheat or plagiarize. But when students threw a draft of the new honor code onto the Internet for feedback, some noticed a problem: Parts of the code appeared to have been lifted word for word from another school’s honor code, without attribution. Even the definition of plagiarism was, well, plagiarized.

They think that they may be missing a ‘citations page’, which would make everything all right.  ‘Experts’ later say that that kind of behavior is expected from students these days.

When I was in school, they were in the process of switching from footnotes to endnotes.  I preferred endnotes, because they were easier to compile, and I (like everyone else) tend toward lazy.  BUT, when reading something, I much prefer footnotes.  It’s much more convenient to look at the bottom of the page and see the reference without having to flip to the back of the document.   And with footnotes, you don’t have to worry about your ‘works cited’ page going missing.

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