Police Raid Car Show

California: Police Raid Car Enthusiast Gathering, Generate Revenue

Police raid Riverside, California parking lot to issue modified car tickets at local car enthusiast gathering.

Using $503,000 in federal and state gas tax revenue to pay for overtime, nine police agencies in Riverside, California sent more than one hundred police officers to surround a gathering of automotive enthusiasts. Owners of imported sport compact cars had gathered at the Canyon Crossing shopping center on Friday night to swap stories, talk about their passion for cars and show off the latest enhancements to their rides. At around 11pm police surprised participants by blocking all exits with fifty police cruisers. Officers then began a warrantless search and interrogation operation of the 150 vehicles that were present.

I think I remember reading something about the ‘right to peaceably assemble’ somewhere…

I’d send them a copy of the constitution, but they’d just use it as toilet paper – again.

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If You Won’t Give Me Money, I’ll Take Two Soft Tacos…

Kalispell attempted robbery leads to charges

A Kalispell man will now be facing a slew of charges after allegedly attempting to rob Taco Johns with a replica of a Glock tactical pistol.

Officials with the Kalispell Police Department say that Shane Roe, 24, entered the business on Monday afternoon, displayed his pistol and then demanded free food.

The employee refused, and then Roe is said to have laughed and demanded money from the register. The employee refused again.

Roe then placed an order, paid for it and sat down with his female companion.

Didn’t anyone ever tell him to be nice to the teens who handle food? I wonder what kind of ‘special sauce’ his taco had on it.

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The Tax Man Cometh

More than 8m households face council tax hike for having a nice view or off-street parking

More than eight million homes are facing council tax increases because they enjoy nice views or for having off-street parking, claim the Tories.

Ministers have admitted they are building a database covering all 23million homes in England, and Conservatives say this means that residents of good neighbourhoods could be hit by huge council tax hikes.

Now it makes sense that The Beatles wrote ‘Taxman’, they’re from England. They wrote:

If you drive a car, I’ll tax the street,
If you try to sit, I’ll tax your seat.
If you get too cold I’ll tax the heat,
If you take a walk, I’ll tax your feet.

They probably should add

If you can see, I’ll tax your view,
And a higher tax if you park off street

I know it doesn’t rhyme – that’s why I’m not a lyricist.

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Honor Code Stolen

UTSA students commit sin they’re trying to halt

It seemed like an honorable goal: Draft an honor code for University of Texas at San Antonio students to follow, exhorting them not to cheat or plagiarize. But when students threw a draft of the new honor code onto the Internet for feedback, some noticed a problem: Parts of the code appeared to have been lifted word for word from another school’s honor code, without attribution. Even the definition of plagiarism was, well, plagiarized.

They think that they may be missing a ‘citations page’, which would make everything all right.  ‘Experts’ later say that that kind of behavior is expected from students these days.

When I was in school, they were in the process of switching from footnotes to endnotes.  I preferred endnotes, because they were easier to compile, and I (like everyone else) tend toward lazy.  BUT, when reading something, I much prefer footnotes.  It’s much more convenient to look at the bottom of the page and see the reference without having to flip to the back of the document.   And with footnotes, you don’t have to worry about your ‘works cited’ page going missing.

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Lock Kids Up So They Don’t Eat Fast Food

Pupils face ‘lock-ins’ to stop junk-food lunches

 Schools have been told to consider “lock-ins” at lunch-time to stop pupils going out and buying junk food during the midday break.

A survey by the School Food Trust, the agency set up by ministers to encourage healthier eating habits among schoolchildren, found secondary schools have an average of 23 junk-food outlets within a mile of the school building.

 By ‘junk-food’ they mean what we in the US call ‘fast-food’.  Even still, if a half a mile is the average distance that the kids have to walk, that means a mile round trip.  If they only get 30 minutes for lunch, and ordering takes time, and eating takes time, they’re probably walking pretty quickly.  That sounds like good exercise to me.  Unless they’re like American schools, where half the senior class drives to school.

Later on in the article, we find the real reason that they are considering this.  Kids that eat off-campus are threatening the profit of the lunch program.  The school lunches have been so bad, that ‘roach coaches’ have been setting up in front of the schools.  Supposedly their cuisine is getting better – after a celebrity chef took up their cause.

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I Shudder Thinking How Broken These Kids Will Be

In Japan, robot babysitter always ready to play

FUKUOKA, Japan (AFP) – Japanese parents who can’t find a good babysitter now have an alternative that never gets tired — a friendly robot at the local department store.

Major Japanese retailer Aeon Co. said Tuesday it has introduced a 1.4-metre (four-foot-seven) yellow-and-white robot at a store in the southern city of Fukuoka in charge of entertaining the children.

There’s just something wrong with kids replacing human interaction with robots.  The robot can even talk to the kids, and project advertising from one of its eyes.

I expect that the next version will require the kids to view ads every few minutes while playing with them.  Eventually, it will probably ‘pout’ until they sing the clever jingle they just heard.

If they were American kids, I’d expect that they would need lots of therapy when they grow up.

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Can’t We Just Convert Them To Fertilizer?

Chicago’s Dumbest Thief

CHICAGO (WBBM) — CHICAGO — Chicago Police say no one could make this story up…

18-year-old Ruben Zarate, entered a muffler shop in the 2600 block of North Laramie Avenue yesterday and declared a robbery. He allegedly waved a gun around and demanded money, according to police.

When he was told the money was in a safe and that the manager who knew how to open it was not there, the suspect had a brilliant idea; at least he thought it was brilliant.

He gave the shop employees his cell phone number and asked them to call him when the manager arrived so he could open the safe for him.

He really thought they’d call him when the manager came back. Hopefully the cops called him and had him return to *surprise* arrest him. I’d love to see the video of that.

Man who raced in high heels for Hannah Montana tickets was too injured to work

HARTFORD, Conn. – Prosecutors say a video shows a Connecticut correction officer running a 40-yard-dash in women’s clothing and high heels – at a time he had claimed he was too injured to work.

Scammers never think they’ll get caught. I’ve known a few, and they’re amazed that anyone could ever figure out their plan. Most of them haven’t appeared publicly on video though….

Just released from lockup, man tries carjacking

The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office called him stupid Tuesday. But Frank Singleton could almost write the book on how to turn a misdemeanor into a felony without ever leaving the jail’s parking lot

He immediately ran out into the visitor’s parking lot and, in an apparent effort to get away as quickly as possible, tried to carjack a 2006 Nissan 350Z, Miller said.
He pushed Lapierre out of the way, grabbed the keys and jumped into the Nissan. But it was a manual transmission and Singleton couldn’t operate it, Miller said.

Not only did he try to steal a car in the police station parking lot, but he tried to steal one that he couldn’t even drive. The only thing that would have made it even funnier is if he tried to steal a cruiser.

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Armed Pilot Shoots Plane

Pilot’s gun discharges on US Airways flight

CHARLOTTE, N.C.– A gun carried by a US Airways pilot accidentally discharged during a flight from Denver to Charlotte Saturday, according to a statement released by the airline.

At first glance, you might think that the pilot was stupid. And it is a possibility. The real and greater stupidity are the procedures that fully trained and qualified pilots have to go through every time they enter or leave the cockpit – even if they are going to the bathroom.

Remember that on 9/11/01 the hijackers used the plane itself as a weapon. We trust the pilot with that potential weapon, yet we don’t permit him to use common sense when handling something as mundane as a pistol?

The TSA is actually the cause of this accident, even if the pilot had something to do with it. Their method of securing the pistol is to put a padlock THROUGH the trigger guard. Nothing should ever be inside the trigger guard unless you want the firearm to go off, which is exactly what it did.

More info about the pistol, holster, padlock and procedures can be found at CrimefileNews. They even have a write-up after this ‘accident’ as well.


There’s a video on youtube that gives a very good demonstration of just how this would happen.

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Students turn a profit from candy sales

VICTORVILLE — With candy sales banned on school campuses, sugar pushers are the latest trend at local schools. Backpacks are filled with Snickers and Twinkees for all sweet tooths willing to pay the price.
“It’s created a little underground economy, with businessmen selling everything from a pack of skittles to an energy drink,” said Jim Nason, principal at Hook Junior High School in Victorville.

How stupid must the school be to think that banning candy would actually work.  If they were smart, competent educators (which they obviously arent), they could probably take this ‘teachable moment’ to truly drive home the economics of supply and demand.  Then they could bring in vending machines, and teach about how government mandated monopolies put small businesses out of business.  Oh, wait.  This is Southern California.  Never mind.

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What’s In Your Oven?

Gun Stored In Oven Discharges, 2 Young Boys Hurt

CHICAGO (CBS) ― A man has been charged with child endangerment and unlawful gun use after a gun that he apparently kept in the oven went off and wounded two children in the Back of the Yards neighborhood.

Anthony Smith, 24, was charged with two counts of endangering the life of a child and one count of unlawful use of a weapon, after the two boys, 4 and 12, were wounded when the gun went off as the oven was being heated.

I no longer feel so bad. I’ve only ruined one plastic cutting board and a few loaves of bread preheating my oven.

Enough humor, though.  This was really dangerous and stupid.  The article doesn’t say what kind of gun it was, so I’ll give you both scenarios.

If it was a revolver, the round in the cylinder  that lined up with the barrel would have fire as if the trigger had been pulled.  Lots of power straight down the barrel and into/through anything in front of it.  If that weren’t dangerous enough, the other cartridges in the cylinder that weren’t lined up with the barrel would go off, the bullet (projectile) would jump forward slightly, and the side of the cylinder would blow out spewing shrapnel all around.

If it were a semi-auto, the round in the chamber would fire as if the trigger were pulled.  The recoil would attempt to cycle the action, but since it wasn’t being held, would probably only partially cycle (stovepipe).  The rest of the cartridges in the magazine would cook off, sending brass shards and possibly live rounds out the magazine well or ejection port.  Nowhere near the level of danger that a revolver would pose.

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